Motorcycles at the Bridge

t_alan1980Motorcycle racing at the Bridge brought new meaning to the word "exciting". Between sand on the pavement, several sharp, blind corners and the state of safety gear of the day; conditions were challenging, to say the least! Here, you will find a collection of image submitted by those who braved The Bridge on two wheels from the '70's through the '90's.


The USCRA, United States Classic Racing Association, had its start at Bridgehampton back in the 1970's when Bob Coy organized the first vintage races in North America with Rob Ianuccci who later became Team Obsolete. Rob and Bob each took a different direction after that initial start...Bob formed the USCRA and Rob started AHRMA, American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association. The USCRA piggybacked on the AAMRR races until their demise in the mid 80's.. In the 80's the USCRA ran some really great races at the Bridge with a very large turnout of Canadians.


Pro racing in 1973. Millstone Turn was the first tight corner at the end of almost a mile of straightaway and sweeping bends. Things got punchy in this corner (and one of the architects of this website spun out six times here).

Creighton Demarest - "My late 1977 HONDA MT-125 RRII, about Oct. 1983" - Creighton Demarest

Event poster from the early '70's. Image courtesy of Pete Noneman